Welcome to sparring 101, in this course you will learn everything that you need to know to be successful on Olympic style taekwondo sparring from very basic to advanced.
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Episode 029

How to use jab punch in sparring

Let’s learn how to use jab punch step by step in sparring. In this episode you will learn how to combine block with jab punch as well as manipulate the distance to your punching distance. We will show you in 5 different steps to develop your fearless jab punch.

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Episode 030

How to use straight punch in sparring

One of the most important punching technique in Taekwondo sparring at all times. You must learn how to use this essential technique offensively and defensively in order to win the match.

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Episode 031

How to use hook and upper cut punch

Taekwondo upper cut or hook punch is not major techniques in sparring however we cannot simply ignore it. By practice these techniques properly when you are in clinch situation these techniques can be very useful.