Welcome to sparring 101, in this course you will learn everything that you need to know to be successful on Olympic style taekwondo sparring from very basic to advanced.
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Episode 014

Proper use of feint step offensively

Feint movement is great tool to break your opponent concentration and find out their intention. Let’s learn how to perform and use feint step offensively in sparring.

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Episode 015

Proper use of hop step offensively

Let’s learn how to perform and use one hop step offensively in sparring. We will demonstrate two different ways to perform this step and each one has different purpose and its own merit.

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Episode 016

Proper use of pivot step offensively

Let’s find out details on how to use and perform pivot step forward with and without kick. Especially reverse pivot forward is going to be the foundation of turning round house kick later on.

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Episode 017

Proper use of double step offensively

Let’s learn how to perform and use double steps offensively in sparring. Double step is a must have footwork especially when you fight with someone who is taller than you. You will also learn how to use them with cut foot as well.

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Episode 018

Proper use of side step 1 offensively

In this episode you will be learning how to perform and use one of the first side step offensively. We will demonstrate how to control the distance from the opponent in relation to the opponent.

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Episode 019

Proper use of side step 2 offensively

Let’s learn second way of perform and use side step offensively in sparring. Mixed of running motion to the front and sliding stepping to side and rear.

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Episode 020

Proper use of side step 3 offensively

Last one of the offensive side step in this episode.