Welcome to sparring 101, in this course you will learn everything that you need to know to be successful on Olympic style taekwondo sparring from very basic to advanced.
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Episode 001

Welcome: What is sparring?

Welcome to course sparring 101. In this episode we’d like to talk about what is sparring. Sparring, Kyurugi in Korean is simply the method of competition in taekwondo. There are…

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Episode 002

Review your sparring equipment

Safety is the number one concern in full contact sparring. Let’s take a look at what are the mandatory required equipment in WTF sparring.

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Episode 003

Basic rules and Korean sparring terminology

Let’s learn basic rules of sparring as well as Korean sparring terminology. Every competitor must understand Korean terminology because it’s used in all taekwondo championships.

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Episode 004

Analyze your opponent and yourself

There is no sparring without your opponent, knowing your opponent is important to win in sparring match as well as yourself. Let’s find out what you must know about your opponent to increase the chance of winning.

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Episode 005

Fighting stance

In this episode, let’s learn about fighting stance in sparring. It depends on the width, distribution of your weight and angle of your feet, your kicking stance can be used effectively and differently in your favor.

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Episode 006

Major 3 different kicking Distance

Because you have to choose the right type of the kick according to the various kicking distance, understanding and evaluating kicking distance is critical to win in sparring match. It will also tell us what kind of kicks we need to prepare for the situations.

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Episode 007

Difference between open and closed stance

Depends on the open or closed stance, the major targeting area (tactics) can be changed. And it can be also used to cover your weakness or deceive your opponent.

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Episode 008

Block and hand positions

Because of the nature of sparring, most of blocks in traditional TKD training are not quite applicable, Let’s learn how to properly position your hand and block in sparring.