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"No matter how big your knowledge is,on Master Woo's site you will always find something new and more and the best thing is that you can start learning right now."

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This is all what we need, the program is very good structure and explanations are so complete to beginner to advance.


We are very happy to have lifetime access at taekwonwoo.net because it gives us freedom to practice whenever we have time. Excellent taekwondo training course.

Constante Aydoc
Grand Cayman

The curriculums in taekwonwoo is very good, the structure of every curriculum is easy for practitioner to follow, I would recommend to everyone to those people that want to pursuit further education on TKD.

Edson Souza
São Paulo, Brazil

You are one of the best teacher that I Know. You help develop my kicks, with my age that isn't easy.


Your training has really been an OUTSTANDING supplementation for me and my son's training…which has placed us ahead of our class. I thank you with all my heart!

Wayne Grizzle
Chicago, USA

Now I see my way clear to dedicate to you the commitment and dedication needed to get back to where I was and beyond. I promise you that I will work very hard to make you proud as I my intention is to go as far as you can take me. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Maryland USA

Whether you belong to a dojang or not joining TaeKwonWoo.net will give you the winning edge! No one breaks down techniques or explains the various strikes and blocks the way Master Woo does.


Hello Master Woo... Thanks for sharing does great videos with your amazing technique, it shows a strong discipline and a peaceful soul, that inspire me to keep working hard!


Hello, Master Woo. I am a big fan of yours and it is very helpful for a Taekwondo student like me :) I know that there are tons of TKD tutorials on Youtube, but they are not simply performed by a great master like you. Thank You!


Master Woo, Lots of taekwondo enthusiasts like myself benefit from your instructional videos. It is rare to find someone of your level of expertise sharing years of experience for free.

United Kingdom

Hi master woo. I just would like to say how good your channel is and that some of your ways of braking the kicks down will come in very useful,I will look forward to see more of your vids. best regard,


Hi Master Woo, thanks for your free tutorial! It will help me for sure to improve my skills. I also watched your Poomsae explanation videos, it helps me a lot. Keep the good work!


After watching your video, my passion for taekwondo is burning. I took taekwondo for granted in the past as it is more like a hobby. But I truly wanna master it now.


Master Woo. You've inspired me to train more. And your videos are very useful for me and the other Taekwondo fighters too. Thank you Master.


Your body, specifically the way you move it, is the epitome of power and grace in one. I learn so much from your videos and draw inspiration from them after I've had a particularly tough TKD class. Best regards and thank you, Master Woo.

Baasit Khawaja

Master Woo is the best taekwondo teacher ever ! He is certainly a professional instructor and has the most detailed overview of the techniques. His work is truly phenomenal ! Cheers Master Woo :)


Wow! Master Woo you are an amazing master and you have taught me so much.


I love your stuff. it helps me teach other people with your great pointers.


This is the only way to preserve the knowledge of Taekwondo, by sharing it openly and freely with anyone willing to learn!


I always love to watch your videos! I would recommend them to all martial arts fans!

Eddy Hassan

A much well structured online training progression with a coach that sincerely wants to help you achieve your goals up to Black Belt and beyond. No nonsense, Teaches the only stuffs that matters.


Hello master Woo, I woke up all night one to watch all of your 113 videos that u have uploaded so far. I really learned a lot and I have been really inspired by your spirit of taekwondo and the motivation.

Sacramento, CA

Hello Master Woo, Just yesterday I went to my first Taekwondo class. I've been watching your video's and really wanted to express my gratitude, sir. You have inspired me to go back and re-train in Taekwondo. God bless always,


Your tutorial on the axe kick was really awesome, I was able to break the board with my axe kick for my yellow-stripe test on the first try thanks to your tutorial. You're doing a fantastic job TaekwonWoo!!!


Hello, Master Woo! I just want to say Wow! when ever I'm watching your video's. I'm thinking that my dream comes true, once again thanks for such a great jobs!


Hello Master Woo. I´m a TKD teacher in Brazil, in a very small city, and sometimes fails me ideas for improving my training lessons, the perfect way of doing things. Your tutorials are helping me a lot.


Thank you so much for all your videos! They are very helpful, and sometimes pretty funny too. Your technique is fantastic, and your attitude is positive and great!


I thank you for the constant updates you provide us, this is an excellent way to advertise your gift for teaching to an international audience.


I love your videos; My boyfriend had aspired in teaching me and now I am learning and I enjoy watching your videos on youtube. It helps me with my technique and is also very encouraging. Thank you Master Woo. Thank you,

Kevin Joubert

The video production is absolutely outstanding, and Master Woo's lecture and instruction styles are superb. I am a 47 year old novice I think it would be an excellent supplement to my training.


The videos on youtube is very helpful thanks a lot it is very educational.

New York

Hello Master Woo. Your videos are definitely helpful, I'm a black belt in taekwondo and I still learned a lot from your videos!


Master Woo, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us. god bless you!


Hello Master Woo, I'm very happy to watch your videos, I'm gabonese in Africa and I like taekwondo.