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Identical training plan used by Master Woo.

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Master Woo's Training Manual

The Master Woo's home study guides are the identical training plan the Master Woo uses, so why not have one and follow the step by step instruction along with Master Woo. Here are some of examples that you can find on our manual. (Example contents are omitted)

Korean Terminology | 한글 (Han-Geul)

TaeKwonDo is the Korean martial arts, by studying Korean terminology, we show respect to their purpose and the nation and culture that developed the art we study. Here are 80 most essencial korean terminology for study of Taekwondo.


나란히서기 Naranhi Serki (Parallel stance)

기본 준비서기 Kibon Joonbi Serki (Ready Stance)

왼 앞서기 Waen Apserki (Left walking stance)

오른 앞서기 Oreun Apserki (Right walking stance)

왼 앞굽이 Waen Apkubi (Left front stance)



얼굴 막기 Ulgool-Markki (Face block)

몸통 막기 Momtong Markki (Body block)

아래막기 Arae-Markki (Low block)

한손날 옆막기 Han Sonnal Yeop Markki

왼 한손날 옆막기 Waen Hansonnal Yeopmakki (Knife hand block)



몸통 바로지르기 Momtong Baro Jireuki (Middle punch)

몸통 반대지르기 Momtong Bandae  Jireuki (Middle punch)

얼굴 바로지르기 Ulgool Baro Jireuki (Face punch)

얼굴 반대지르기 Ulgool Bandae  Jireuki (Face punch)

몸통 두번지르기 Momtong Doobun  Jireuki (Double punch)


Thrust and Strike

편손끝 세워찌르기Pyon-Son-Kkeut-Sewar-Jjireugi (Spear Hand Thrust)

한손날 제비품 목치기 Hansonnal Jebipoom Mokchiki (Single knife hand neck Strike)

제비품 목치기 Jebipoom Mokchiki (Swallow Form Neck Strike )

등주먹 앞치기 Deung-Jumeok-Apchiki (Back fist strike)

등주먹 얼굴 앞치기 Deung-Jumeok-Ulgool-Apchiki (Back fist strike to the face)



앞차기 Aap-Chargi (Front Kick)

왼발 앞차기 Waenbal Apcharki (Left front kick)

옆차기 Yop-chargi  (Side Kick)

오른발 얼굴 돌려차기 Oreunbal Ulgool Dolryou Charki (Round house kick to the face)

표적차기 Phyojerk Charki (Target Kick)




Your manual helps me learning poomsae so much easier to memorize. It also makes the poomsae done in a more beautiful and structured manner. All the years I've learned TKD until blue belt, no instructor has ever taught me this. I find this structure to be extremely useful and helpful. Thank you MW.


Master Woo, I love your manuals and your web material because I live about two hours from any school of Tae Kwon Do and it is very well done. I am looking forward to using it as I review for myself in preparation to become more proficient at Tae Kwon Do. I also appreciate your disciplined integrity and honesty, a principle of Tae Kwon Do. You are a fantastic instructor.


Thank you so much for the manuals, it is exactly what I am looking for to help me breakdown and supplement my children's learning of the basics. I had been holding them back from belt tests and training them the basics, but being able to execute versus break down properly to teach are two different skills. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Master Woo for providing this kind of online learning to supplement in school learning. It must had helped a lot of kids to learn the basics instead of just the "belts". Thank you. Best Regards,