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Upgrade your old lifetime membership (Someone who joined prior to May, 2016) to lifetime PLUS:

Upgrade Your TaekwonWoo Membership

Thank you for being a member of TaekwonWoo!
You can upgrade to a higher level here and access to additional courses.

Upon completion of your payment, TaekwonWoo does a verification check by matching an email address from paypal transaction page to your current lifetime membership account, if it is valid we will confirm by emailing that your account has been upgraded to Lifetime PLUS. Please allow us 2-3 days to contact you.

Upgrade to lifetime plus


  • • Upgrade from Individual Lifetime to Individual Lifetime PLUS.
  • • Upgrade from Family Lifetime to Family Lifetime PLUS.

Upgrade Individual to Family


  • • Upgrade from Individual Lifetime PLUS to Family Lifetime PLUS: $199
  • • Upgrade from Individual Lifetime to Family Lifetime PLUS: $299