Green Belt Training Course

Color belt intermediate course | 5th Gup.
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Green Belt | 5th Gup

Now you are ranked as 5th Gup for Green Belt. Biggest development for green belt will be your form call “Taegeuk Sha Jang” which consists of various hand techques and kicks for all time favorites for demonstration.

Basic Movement 기본동작 (Kibon Dong-Jark)

Back fist strike

by Master SJ. Woo

Back fist strike is the one of the difficult technique for someone who learning for the first time often confused with outer wrist block. I will explain how to execute this one properly to complete poomsae Taegeuk 5 jhang in next course.

• 등주먹 Deung Jumeok. | Back fist strike.
• 등주먹 치고 지르기 Deung Jumeok Chigo Jireugi. | Back fist strike followed by punch.


Spear hand thrust

by Master SJ. Woo

Probably this hand technique is the one most difficult and challenging hand technique for all practitioner for breaking such as board. At least we will learn how to position your hand and fingers properly to look professional.

• 편손끝 세워찌르기 Pyon Son Kkeut Sewar Jjireugi. | Spear hand thrust.
• 편손끝 세워찌르고 등주먹 Pyon Son Kkeut Sewar Jjireugo Deung Jumeok. | Spear hand thrust and back fist *Back fist with the thrust hand.


Swallow Form Neck Strike

by Master SJ. Woo

This is the first hand technique that you practice block and strike as one continuous movement, We are going to use variation of this beautiful hand technique for one step sparring for this course.

• 제비품 목치기 Jebipoom Mokchiki. | Swallow form neck strike.
• 제비품 목치고 등주먹 Jebipoom Mokchigo Deung Jumeok. | Swallow form neck strike followed by back fist *Back fist with striking hand.


Elbow Strike (Side) followed by Punch

by Master SJ. Woo

Learn how to change your stance from horseback riding stance to front stance when you coordinate elbow strike with punch. Name in Korean 팔굽 옆치고 지르기 Palkup-Yop-Chigo-Jireugi.

One Step Sparring 한번 겨루기(Hanbun-Kyoroogi)

Single Knife Hand Block with Elbow Strike.

by Master SJ. Woo | 한손날 몸통 바깥막으며 동시에지른후 팔굽 옆치기

In this video you will learn how to use single knife hand block with punch simultaneously followed by elbow strike against punch. In Korean 한손날 몸통 바깥막으며 동시에지른후 팔굽 옆치기(Han-sonnal-momtong-bakkat-makumer-Dongsie-Jireunhoo- Palkup-Yop-Chiki)

Form 품새 (Poomsae)

Taegeuk Sah (4) Jang: Thunder

by Master SJ. Woo | 품새 (Poomsae) Form - Taegeuk Sah (4) Jang: Thunder

Taegeuk 4 Jang symbolizes the "Jin", one of the 8 divination signs, which represent the thunder meaning great power and dignity.

Basic Kick 기본 발차기(Kibon-Bal-Chagi)

Skipping round house kick

by Master SJ. Woo | 빠른걸음 돌려차기(B’areunbal-Dyollyo-Chagi)

The stepping round house kick is one of the most widely used technique in sparring. It is initiated by quickly stepping or skipping forward with rear leg. It is recommended that practice the round house first until the basic form of the round house kick is acquired.


Skipping Side Kick

by Master SJ. Woo | 빠른걸음 옆차기(B’areunbal-Yop-Chagi)

The basic motion of side kick, front foot side kick and stepping or skipping side kick are all mechanically similar and once the basic form of the side kick has been mastered, a variations of the side kick of an attack can naturally be made depending on the demands of the technical situation.


Skipping Axe Kick

by Master SJ. Woo | 빠른걸음 내려차기(B’areunbal-Naeryo-Chagi)

The skipping axe kick, like the axe, Initial requirement in performing the skipping axe kick is the ability to lift the leg up high in a quick and smooth fashion. The skipping axe kick is applied by striking the opponent’s face with the front leg on the downward motion.

Combination kicks 연결 발차기(Younkyul-Bal-Chagi)

Skipping kick combinations

by Master SJ. Woo

Practicing a combination of kicks will help you to improving the ability to make the proper kick selection on the moving opponent during sparring. Here are examples of using three skipping kicks in this course.

• 빠른걸음 돌려차고 돌려차기 | Skipping round house kick followed by round house kick.
• 빠른걸음 옆차고 뒷차기 | Skipping side kick followed by back kick.
• 빠른걸음 내려차고 돌려차기 | Skipping axe kick followed by round house kick.
• 돌려차고 빠른걸음 내려 차기 | Round house kick followed by skipping axe kick.

Footwork 발짓기 (Bal Jitki)

Hop and pivot combination step

by Master SJ. Woo

The distance is one of the main aspect in the success or failure of a technique in sparring. And the competitor want to manipulate the distance so that his techniques can score while ensuring the opponent techniques cannot reach him. In this lesson you will learn the followings.

• 두발 동시에 일보 전진하고 축이되어 일보전진 | One hop step forward followed by one pivot step forward.
• 두발 동시에 일보 후진하고 축이되어 일보후진 | One hop step backward followed by one pivot step backward.
• 축이되어 일보전진하고 두발 동시에 일보전진 | One pivot step forward followed by one hop step forward.
• 축이되어 일보후진하고 두발 동시에 일보후진 | One pivot step backward followed by one hop step backward.